Garden edging

Hardmaister garden edgings help to easily organise your garden or any space. Made of high quality material (polypropylene and recycled polyethylene), they are universally applicable and highly resistant to weather conditions. They are very durable – their service life in natural soil (4 < pH < 9) is up to 25 years. They are also easy to use. The elastic band and the anchors that are driven into the ground make it possible to form any desired shape easily and thus do not limit the freedom of space planning.

Garden edgings are designed for marking out paths, lawns, and flowerbeds and for separating areas of various purposes. They can be used in both home gardens and recreational plots, as well as in other types of green areas. They are available in 10m rolls – each containing 20 anchors for fixing to the ground. We offer sets consisting of 1, 2, 3 or 4 rolls – depending on the user’s needs. Edging can be easily cut to the desired size, e.g. with a hand saw or scissors.

Product features:

Hardmaister is a brand that focuses on modern and practical solutions in the garden. In our offer you will find stylish tool houses, solid gazebos and lawn edges.

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